Will also take place in the DOUBLE COMPETITION Module – on different dates. On the SERRAMAR RACE 2022 is a prototype – 15 male duos + 15 female duos For this to happen safely in the 1st year of competition, we decided to initially do it for only 15 male and 15 female pairs, in the month of July (during school holidays) so that we have the opportunity to accommodate participants in public schools (tents indoors), using its structure of toilets and eating area. It will be a timed event with cutoff time. "This story started a few years ago, when I picked up a simple bike I used for small rides, and by myself, I decided to face 327km of mountains, to discover a new path from Minas to the sea of ​​Cabo Frio, and always off-road, through the most possible radicals, giving birth to the K450 challenge,"


More informations soon.