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                                    SERRAMAR - MTB RACE

BOCAINA MY AMOR - RIDE (2 days of pedal)

It's a mid-level, contemplative pedal, done in 2 days inside Serra da Bocaina, one of the most surprising environmental protection areas in Brazil.

Serra da Bocaina is a national park of environmental preservation that is characterized as a true paradise for ecotourism. In this region, it is possible to enjoy the best of Serra do Mar, a rich biodiversity and some of the most beautiful natural landscapes you will see, full of peaks, trails and waterfalls. Discover more about Serra da Bocaina and fall in love!

1st day (Saturday): Ascent of the beautiful Serra da Bocaina from São José do Barreiro, which alternates between gravel and paved sections surrounded by native forest and with a visit to the Santo Isidro Waterfall - we will sleep and have dinner at an inn at the top of the Serra - 26 km

2nd day (Sunday): the descent is made inside the park by a vicinal dirt road, passing by Cachoeira do Bonito and the stunning Valley of the same name, without any movement of cars or motorcycles (it is prohibited inside the Park) , returning to São José do Barreiro. - 53 km.

July: 02/03 - there are no more vacancies
August: 13/14 - there are vacancies September:
24/25 - there are vacancies
October: 22/23 - there are vacancies
November: 13/14/15 (special): there are vacancies

***ATTENTION: In November, as it will be 3 days, on the second day there will be a pedal at the top of the Serra (High Mountain). For groups over 6 people you can choose a date, Values: August, September and October pedaling: USD550.00 / person (two days) November Pedal: USD750.00 / person (three days)

- Inn with breakfast in São José do Barreiro from Friday to Saturday.
- Inn with breakfast from Saturday to Sunday at the top of Serra da Bocaina.
- Support car to go up (and down) with your luggage to sleep in the Serra
- Experienced guide -Departure: 07:30 S. José do Barreiro
- Saturday -Arrival: 1:00 pm in S. José do Barreiro City
- Sunday Lunch and dinner is not included, but will cost approximately R$50.00 / each

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