Buffalo's Mountain

A race for those who enjoy adventure and competition. Buffalo's Mountain is a mountain bike competition and competitors must be fully self-sufficient, as there is no support on the way. In order to fulfill their needs (food and techniques) during the trip, cyclists call for the so-called bikepacking, a technique that involves taking the bike with you just enough to ensure nutrition and hydration.

There will be two points where competitors can buy water and something to eat. These points will have the STRONGER logo on the door. There will also be two PCs, where competitors will be required to check in, but their location will not be provided. The road followed by cyclists in Lima

Duarte Mountain is dirt, and there may be stretches where you need to push the bike. Registrations are open, so if you believe you are able to meet this challenge, hurry here. Competitors must be guided by the GPS (we will provide the GPX file) and there may be track markings, but we will not have the slightest obligation to do so. In 2019 will be only two qualifying events and the Gran Finale in the month of November.

In 2019 there will be only two categories (men and women). 

By 2020 we will expand this universe considerably.