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A cold wind cuts a special piece of mountain range from the Zona da Mata Mineira, and the sun slowly dissipates a dense fog, revealing breathtaking landscapes. Here crevices were opened by the force of the winds and the waters, that the nature exquisitely, covered with a rich fauna and flora what already was a geographic éden.

Of Tupi-Guarani origin 'Ibitipoca' means mountain that explodes, through the junction of the terms ybytyra (stone) and pok (explode). It is the largest quartzite outcropping in the world, which explains the high incidence of lightning in periods of heavy rainfall, which collide with the ground, exploding on contact with the quartzite - IBITIPOCA.

The State Park of Ibitipoca was considered by traveler's Choices 2013, the 3rd best Park in Latin America and the 2nd best in Brazil. It has a reserve of fauna and flora that "embraces" the Park forming a protective belt, cushioning the impact of civilization and allowing the exchange of species for reproduction and the search for food and shelter It is for this "belt" of exuberant native forest preserved, that we take you, bikers, to the bucolic Vila de Conceição do Ibitipoca.  

1st day Lima Duarte (MG) ---> Ibitipoca (MG) (60km): Between tracks and dirt roads, crossing natural and preserved forests, the stretch of sand is one of the most beautiful places on the planet to pedal. With lunch in settler's house, dinner and sauna in an excellent Hotel.







2nd day Ibitipoca (MG) ---> Lima Duarte (MG) (47 km): Beautiful stretch of descent passing through the "Top of the World", Rancharia, Monkeys Trail, Brumado Várzea, Rosa Gomes, Lima Duarte. TERRAU services included in this package: -Café of the morning: 1º, 2º and 3º day of pedal; - Lunch: 1st and 2nd day of pedal - 1st and 2nd day pedal meals -Hospitality: 2nd and 3rd day of pedal - Support vehicle (Does not accompany the Group but carries your luggage between the support points)

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